The Art of RAD  Illustration by Robert A Delgadillo


"As far back as I can remember, two things that have always been consistent with me have been my need to create art and my fascination with everything that is considered pop culture. Old Hollywood, famous faces and fashion runways are the creative fuels for my imagination. The intention with my art is to entertain and inform, infusing the viewer with a little bit of the energy and spark that the subject matter exudes.

Using a combination of bold colors and energetic line, I create images that capture moments or feelings associated with the topics I explore. My process always begins with feeling a personal connection with my muse, followed by extensive research and a fusion of traditional hand drawing with digital media to create my illustrations. 

All my designs come from the heart and from a place of appreciation for the subject matter.My biggest satisfaction in creating art comes from seeing people smile as they look at the work and feeling, even if temporarily, a sense of connection with the images."


©2018. Robert A. Delgadillo. All rights reserved.